ChnLove Dating tips for you

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Love, always by dating. Girls dating with boys, how much a little good feeling for him.

But you tried, after the first date, the girls will talk up, even the phone, SMS does not reply?

You may be greatly puzzled, may complain that bad luck. But I can tell you that there are reasons for everything; there is also the law of improvement.
Just do the following points, your chance of success in chnlove at least three times higher.

1. Do not spend so much money, show off money, gifts

Most men think that as long as the purchase of gifts, you can make a woman happy, so that the other like their own. Perhaps read too much love movies, drama caused by the buddies took out a tie flowers will capture the girl heart.
The fact is that giving gifts to others, of course, will be happy; but with "being attracted" is two different things. Just as the streets have a fool to send money to you, who is willing to accept, who will be happy. Do not you fall in love with that silly?

On the contrary, the first date, for the girls spend big hands, send gifts, and even show off the net worth, will only make the other side feel that you are lack of confidence. You do not believe that with your own conditions, you can attract girls, but need to use a lot of external things to make up for your lack. As the boys do, you think you are a girl, what will be feeling?

2. Body touch
The reason why many men receive "good cards" is too "good". When I was a child, I would like to listen to my parents and teach: "Men and women do not kiss," and pursue the opposite sex, will only put a modesty gentleman, fear of crossing the relationship with friends, will make the other mistaken.

The fact is that the girl's feeling will be affected by the intimacy of the body touch. As you meet a close friend, hug, take the head, is a very natural thing. The same reason, if you can with the other body touch, girls will naturally reverse the rationalization of your development has been very close with her.

Of course, can not start a bird bites, only scared girls. You need to learn, is how to make each other unknowingly accept your touch; know how to cook boiled water, so that the other subconsciously accept the key.

3. Conversion site

To make a woman fall in love with you, in addition to attract her, but also make her familiar with you, understand the feeling. If you are not familiar with each other, they rushed to the other side of the excessive request, will only be rejected by girls. Most people use the method is to use a dozen times dating, for several months to let the girls familiar, and hope the woman will end up with you a day with you dating.

The so-called "blacksmith hot", if dragged on for three months, enthusiasm will be reduced over time, the spark will disappear. When you will only enter the "friendship zone", in exchange for a girl: "Your condition is good, but I did not feel for you."

The best practice is to date the scene several times, so that the other side of the brain to produce time distortion, creating "know for a long time" illusion. Girls in each place will only leave a memory of the screen. If you are in a chnlove date, three hours also in the French restaurant, after the girls will only remember the French dinner screen. However, if you date, with the girls to the restaurant to eat, go shopping, go eat dessert. After dating, girls will leave at least three different places of the screen. In the female memory, this is equivalent to the same three times.